Popular Party Games for Children

When planning a children`s birthday party, the two most important components to give considerable thought to are the party food and party games. If you are holding the party in your house, with several children, it is essential that you provide wall to wall entertainment without a break, in order to keep them occupied constantly.

This is the only way to prevent them from wandering off or from being involved in disagreements with each other. If the party is to be held in the summer time, you may be lucky enough to hold it outside, in which case the children can enjoy more freedom and space to play more energetic games. Generally, however, most children’s parties are held in the living room at home and therefore space is limited.

Pass the parcel is a party game suitable for both boys and girls of all ages. It involves preparation, wrapping layer upon layer of small gifts, between each layer. Children sit on the floor in a circle, passing the parcel around while music plays. When the music is stopped the child holding the parcel gets to unwrap a layer of paper and keep the gift inside. The last gift is always the best and biggest one.

Musical chairs is guaranteed to burn off some energy. Enough chairs are set out in the middle of the room for all the children except one. As they walk around the chairs in a circle the music plays and when it is stopped they have to sit on a chair. The person without a chair is then out and one chair is removed, the game continuing until there is only one person left.

Musical statues involves children moving around to the music until it is stopped. They have to suddenly stop moving and the last one to stop is then out of the game. This is also repeated until one person is left.

The children will now be hyped up and a great way to calm them down is with a party entertainer.

Magicians are always a popular option and will keep the children entertained while the host prepares the party food. Face painting is also popular with both boys and girls and professionals can be hired for the event. They often bring a selection of dressing up clothes to match the characters of the face paint designs.

If the party is to be held outside, there are many racing games that can be played. The sack race is great fun if there is enough space, as well as the 3 legged race, where a pair of children have a leg each loosely tied together and compete with other pairs of children to be first to reach the finishing line.

PiƱatas are a great way to end a party. They can be bought from retail outlets and stuffed full of sweets and small toys. Secured to a ceiling, the contents are released over the heads of the children, who catch the goodies to take home with them.

A lovely idea for a child`s birthday present is a Power Rangers duvet to give a theme to the child`s bedroom.