Another traditional party game is musical chairs, although it can sometimes get taken a bit too seriously, so it’s not normally at the top of the list of games to play – on the other hand, some children are keen on it!

Anyway, how to play…

You need a music source and a enough chairs for all the contestants but one. Arrange the chairs in a line or circle, start the music and have the children walk/dance around the chairs. Stop the music and they’re got to sit on a free chair – the one without a chair is out. When the music restarts, they start walking again and you remove a chair (or two – it can drag on a bit if you’re not careful) – continue until you’re left with two children, one chair and a final winner.

Things to watch out for are children ‘lurking’ by chairs (and children ‘evicting’ others faster to the seats than themselves) but this can be discouraged by having the losers have a dip into the treat box of sweets while they wait.