These days, its easy to put together a themed party on almost any theme. Put your theme into your search engine and see what pops out. Your theme can cover as much or as little as you want.

Items to consider include:

  • invitations
  • tableware – tablecloth, plates, cups cutlery or food boxes
  • decorations – banners, posters, balloons, helium balloons, ribbons
  • music
  • games or entertainment (how about a cheer-leading session for a High School Musical party?)
  • party bags and contents
  • thank yous
  • birthday cake

For the younger children’s parties, Fifi Flower Tot and SpongeBob are typical favourites, while for the older ones, Hannah Montana is popular with the girls, while Harry Potter seems to be the favourite for mixed parties. If you are planning a party around a standard holiday, such as Christmas, Easter or Halloween, you can always use that as your theme. Other ideas for themes include:
Film and TV characters – Disney Princess, Bratz, Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank engine, Power Rangers, Dora the Explorer, Lazy Town, Wizards of Waverly Place, Scooby Doo, In the Night Garden
Sports and activities – horses and ponies, football, science
general – fairies, farms, dinosaurs, butterflies

When looking for themed items, don’t just stick with the party sites, try the more mainstream sites for that theme. You never know what you might find. If you are on a budget, use a (relevant) plain colour for most of the background items and just pick one or two true-theme items.

For example, red tablecloths, white plates and cups with High School Musical napkins would be very effective. Green tablecloth, white plates and horsey cups likewise. Try to envision the overall effect. Decorations can be banners, posters, painted sheets – do check with your hall whether you are allowed to use tape or blu-tack, many venues have restrictions!

And of course, making it fancy dress, in or out of theme, adds to the fun. Don’t forget to dress up yourself!