Party Bag

These days, its a brave parent who doesn’t hand out Party Bags at the end of a party! No matter how grand the party, at the end you’ll find the children looking or asking for their party bag.

On the plus side, when you are tired and want to finish, handing out the party bags signals to all and sundry that the proceedings have come to an end.

But what should you include, and how much should you spend? And what are the options if you want something a little different?

The ‘bag’
Plastic Bag. Probably easiest are the ready printed party bags, available from pretty much everywhere – stationers, news agents, toy shops, department stores, online shops, etc.

Themed or generic, big or small, the choice is yours, but think about the size of the contents. If the contents are small, choose a small bag so they don’t look lost at the bottom.

If you would like a change from plastic bags, how about paper bags for an eco-friendly alternative.

Party boxes. Not just for food, these can provide a bag that’s different while helping to ensure that the enclosed piece of cake survives the journey home.


Home made bags. Easy to make in these days of fabric glue. Use a pretty fabric or gauze. For bags approx. 20cm square, cut a rectangle 25cm by 45cm. Fold it in half to make a square. The fold makes one side. Now glue or stitch along the bottom and up one side, stopping 3cm before the top. Turn the top 3cm over and glue or stitch the edge down, leaving a gap to thread a ribbon through. Decorate or leave plain.

Flower pot. Have your guests decorate a flower pot, then their goodies can be dropped in before they leave.

Cup or pot in cellophane. The cellophane could be sheets or bags, depending what you can source easily. Along the same lines, a basket might make a good alternative for a daughter’s party.

Hand bags. If you can find sufficient old handbags or children’s handbags, you could use these instead.