Chocolate fountain tips for your party.

Oct 28th, 2009 Author: childs_party_supplies

Chocolate Fountain

A Chocolate Fountain makes a great addition to a party. With just a little preparation, you’ll find that the main task becomes making sure that everyone gets a turn! Read on to find chocolate fountain party ideas that can help making sure things go well on the day, including what sort of supplies you might need and what you can do beforehand.
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Party Bags

Oct 27th, 2009 Author: childs_party_supplies

Party Bag

These days, its a brave parent who doesn’t hand out Party Bags at the end of a party! No matter how grand the party, at the end you’ll find the children looking or asking for their party bag.

On the plus side, when you are tired and want to finish, handing out the party bags signals to all and sundry that the proceedings have come to an end.
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Popular Party Games for Children

Dec 15th, 2009 Author: childs_party_supplies

Popular Party Games for Children

When planning a children`s birthday party, the two most important components to give considerable thought to are the party food and party games. If you are holding the party in your house, with several children, it is essential that you provide wall to wall entertainment without a break, in order to keep them occupied constantly.
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Musical chairs

Nov 27th, 2009 Author: childs_party_supplies

Another traditional party game is musical chairs, although it can sometimes get taken a bit too seriously, so it’s not normally at the top of the list of games to play – on the other hand, some children are keen on it!

Anyway, how to play…
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Musical Statues

Nov 12th, 2009 Author: childs_party_supplies

This is a popular one with the younger children…

You need a music source such as a CD player with some pop/dance music and ideally 3-4 older children or parents to help you spot the first few wobblers.
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